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Dale Dunlop, QC

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Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Dale Dunlop is a Halifax native who has been recognized by his peers as one of The Best Lawyers in Canada since 2010.

Dale has been an active volunteer in the legal community. For 12 years he sat on the board of the Lawyers Insurance Association of Nova Scotia acting as Chair for three years.  He has also been a member of Bar Council and the Practice Assistance Committee. He has always been a willing provider of pro bono services to worthy causes, particularly those related to the environment. He recently provided pro bono representation to the citizens of Paradise in their fight against the powerful ATV lobby.

He comes from a long family history of interest in the mining business and currently sits as Chairman of the Board of Bison Gold Resources Inc. which has spent over $5,000.000.00 developing gold and other properties in Manitoba. He also has interests in the former barite mine at Walton, Nova Scotia and a mineral, processing lab currently under development in Ghana.

Aside from the practice of law Dale has many interests, most notably travel writing. He and his spouse Alison Scott are the authors of Exploring Nova, the most detailed guide ever published to this province . It is now in its 6th edition and has sold over 20,000 copies worldwide. He continues as an active writer and is a frequent contributor to Saltscapes magazine and numerous other publications. He is a member of the Travel Media Association of Canada, the North American Travel Journalists Association, the Explorer’s Club and the Golf Journalists Association of Canada. You can stay up to date on all of Dale’s travel writing and insight at www.themaritimeexplorer.ca






Since being admitted to the bar in 1976, Dale has focused almost exclusively on civil litigation. Over the past thirty years he has represented a wide divergence of clients on both the plaintiff and defence side of the bar, including numerous insurance companies, the Westray miner’s families and many prominent local businesses. For almost a decade he worked tirelessly to clear the names of hundreds past and present government employees falsely accused of abuse at provincial institutions. He was instrumental in getting the Province to appoint Justice Fred Kaufmann to conduct a public inquiry which totally exonerated his clients. See the full report here.

Substantial settlements for all of the clients followed. Subsequently his expertise in this area has seen Dale provide advice to clients in Australia, England, Ireland and Portugal.

For the past decade Dale has represented dozens of persons who lost substantial amounts of money in the collapse of Knowledge House Inc. in 2001. 2012 saw the completion of the longest civil trial in Nova Scotia history. His efforts have led to the recovery of many millions for his clients. He continues to help clients who have lost money due to bad advice from financial advisors.

Currently Dale’s practice places a large emphasis on environmental as well as securities litigation; however, Dale is also a specialist in insurance defence litigation, having represented over twenty different insurers in the past three decades.


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